STAR Finance

Drive home your dream car with flexible and tailor-made finance options.

Every Mercedes-Benz is different and meets the unique needs of every individual. With this understanding, we have introduced uniquely flexible finance offerings through our finance arm Mercedes-Benz Financial, giving you more power to customise your Mercedes-Benz experience.

STAR Finance is the traditional way of financing your vehicle of choice. There are no surprises, only predictable and regular monthly installments.

What you get out of the deal is a finance package where you make regular repayments over an agreed period. These payments can be structured to suit your needs. The different options available to you include:

• Step-up finance
• Step-down finance
• Bullet finance

STAR Finance is also offered with a Balloon. This is a simple and effective way for acquiring a vehicle with lower monthly installments with a final payment that transfers ownership to the customer.

Benefits of STAR Finance: 

• Ownership of vehicle at the end of the agreement

• Predictable repayments over an agreed period
• Flexible down payment and repayment period
• The vehicle is an asset on the balance sheet
• Depreciation benefit is applicable*
• Insurance bundling options available
• Tenure offered: 12 to 84 months

*Terms and conditions apply

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