Star Protect Covers

1) What is Depreciation Shield

Covers the depreciation amount on assessed damaged parts allowed for replacement during repairs in the event of a Partial Loss to the Insured Vehicle.

2) What is Vehicle Replacement Advantage (Return to Invoice)

Replace insured car with a new equivalent or near equivalent car of similar make, model, inclusive of a Comprehensive Cover Policy, cost of registration including Road Tax and Octroi, payable for the new car.

3) What is Engine Protector

Covers the consequential damage to the internal parts of the engine and/or damage to gear box arising out of water ingression/leakage of lubricating oil, due to Accidental means.

4) What is TYRE & RIM Safeguard

In case of damage to Tyre(s) and Rim(s) of the car arising out of bulge/puncture/burst/cut, the cost of replacement of Tyre(s) and Rim(s), (Up to 4 Tyres & 4 Rims during a policy period) is covered.

5) What is EMI Cover

This cover pays the EMI (not exceeding one) falling due after the accident of the vehicle in respect of the Loan availed, provided vehicle is lying in the workshop for repairs following an accident exceeding thirty (30) days due to:

a. Non-availability of parts at the repairer or

b. Workshop is closed due to strike/lock-out or

c. Extensive damage to the vehicle resulting in man-hour

requirement exceeding 30 days and certified by the independent surveyor appointed by the Company.

6) Loss of Key

In case of irrecoverable loss of keys of the Insured Vehicle, the cost of new lock set and installation cost would be covered. The benefit is once in a policy period. The sum insured for this cover is Rs.30,000.

7) What are Consumables

Coverage for the cost of consumables required to be replaced/replenished during the repair of the damaged vehicle.

It includes, engine oil, gear box oil, power steering oil, coolant, AC gas oil, brake oil, AC refrigerant, battery electrolyte, windshield washer fluid, radiator coolant, nut & bolt, screw, oil filter, fuel filter, bearings, washers, clip, wheel balancing weights, and items of similar nature excluding fuel.

8) What is Conveyance Benefit

A per day cash benefit for 7 days, if the vehicle is rendered unusable due to repairs required to be undertaken in a workshop consequent to an Accidental loss. Benefit will start after the survey is done.