The S-Class.

Lead the world.

Elegant, poise and assurance.
Attracts so much attention.

The sun lifts the veil of mist from the road, the contours of the S-Class stand out in sharp relief. The upright radiator grille topped by the unmistakeable Star herald in the new dawn. A new day is breaking – and with it, a new era of mobility. The charismatic exterior is impressive with its intensive radiance of status and prestige – particularly the front with new optional MULTIBEAM LED headlamps now looks even more distinctive. Enjoy the new S-Class. Lead the World.

Lead the world with the Maestro.

The all-new Mercedes me connect features

Alexa Home Integration with Mercedes me connect: Conversations with Alexa are now more fun when the systems connect with your Mercedes Benz via cloud and give you real time updates. This feature can be used from an Alexa Echo device setup at home, office or also from phone’s Alexa App. The command starts with “Alexa, Ask Mercedes to....” To start Mercedes me skill just say, Alexa, Open Mercedes“ or directly initiate a command by saying “Alexa, tell Mercedes to <command>”.

Google Home integration with Mercedes me connect: Google Home integration is also offered for Google home users. In a similar way, once the Mercedes me connect is linked to Google Home, you can start issuing commands.

Parking location POIs (Points of Interest): The introduction of new Parking solution, shows Parking lots available across different parts of the cities. The Parking POIs (Points of interest) can be seen easily on the MBUX navigation system or alternatively also on the Mercedes me App maps section.

Remote window/sunroof open and close: Allows the automatic window close and open remotely. Also allows to remotely access and open and close the sunroof and keep your car protected.

Geo-fencing, remote vehicle finder: It denotes a specific area and notifies via push message when the vehicle leaves or enters a predefined area. The Remote Vehicle Finder indicators activated via the app help to draw attention to the vehicle, for  example in large, confusing car parks.

Mercedes me connect

Make a deeper connection with Mercedes me connect.

Enjoy live vehicle monitoring, remote door locking and unlocking and vehicle tracker with the Mercedes me connect, now also with Alexa and Google Home integration. Never let your Star out of your sights, no matter how far you are. Get closer with every new update as you stand out from the crowd in the Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

New S-Class

Pointing the way to accident-free and autonomous driving experience

Mercedes S class

Never before have safety, comfort, and measures to reduce the strain on the driver been combined so effectively. This intelligent and pioneering interplay of sensors, safety, and assistance systems represents a milestone on the road to autonomous and accident-free driving.


Mercedes s450 | Mercedes s350d

S 350d Maestro Edition | S 350d

Technical Data

Technical Data for Mercedes S class


Mercedes S class features - Wireless charging for mobile phones

Wireless charging for mobile phones in the rear

Mercedes S class features - Rear seat entertainment system

Rear Seat Entertainment System

Mercedes S class features - Airmatic Suspensions

AIRMATIC Suspensions

Mercedes S class features - Multibeam LED


Mercedes S class features - Burmester Sound System

Burmester® surround sound system 

Mercedes me connect with Alexa and Google Home

Mercedes me connect with Alexa and Google Home

Panoramic sliding sunroof with MAGIC SKY CONTROL (Available with S 350d Maestro Edition)

Panoramic sliding sunroof with MAGIC SKY CONTROL (Available with S 350d Maestro Edition)

Surround lighting with projection of brand logo (Available with S 350d Maestro Edition)

Surround lighting with projection of brand logo (Available with S 350d Maestro Edition)

Colour Options

Colour Options for Mercedes S class

Alloy Options

Alloy options for Mercedes S class

Celebrate with your Mercedes-Benz.

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